Mérida Yucatán: The bountiful talent pool you should be looking at as a TOP Nearshoring destination. 

As discussed in our previous blog entry “Understanding Nearshoring: What Is It and How Can It Help Your Business?” Nearshoring consists of moving a certain part of a company’s workload to a nearby country with the goal of finding better and cost-effective options to scale a team. In this blog post, we want to focus on Mexico as a prime candidate for your nearshoring needs. 

Some of the main advantages Mexico has to offer are: 

Proximity. As we well know Mexico borders the US on the south and you can’t get any “nearer” than that!  This facilitates communication due to slight variations in time zones if any. 

Government support. The Mexican government has actively facilitated nearshoring to their territory by implementing various policies aimed at attracting foreign investment and promoting economic development. These policies include tax incentives, streamlined bureaucratic processes, and support for research and development. 

Cultural similarities. Mexico shares many cultural similarities with the United States even in corporate aspects like work ethics and business practices. 

English proficiency levels. Mexico has a large and growing pool of excellent English speakers, particularly among younger generations and in major urban centers. English is widely taught in Mexican schools and is considered an important and valuable skill for professional and personal development. 

All of these advantages result in a bountiful talent pool of professionals looking for new and better career options. Mexico has a well-educated population and is home to several leading universities that offer high-quality education and produce skilled graduates, most of them fluent in English and Spanish. 

Within Mexico you will find the beautiful city of Merida which has been awarded several outstanding titles, for example: 


• 4th Best Big City in the World 2022 

By CEO world magazine (who ranked 334 cities across the globe based on crime level indicators) 

• 2nd safest city in North America outranked only by Quebec City, Canada. 

• 1st place as the safest city in Latin America. 

• 21st spot on the worldwide list, ranking higher than cities such as The Hague, Holland, home to the International Court of Justice, and Geneva, Switzerland, often described as the “peace capital”  

In recent years, Merida has become an attractive destination for foreign investment, and several multinational companies have established operations in the city. Overall, Merida’s talented workforce and supportive business environment have contributed to the city’s economic growth and success. 

At NS Talent Solutions, we established ourselves in this talent pool and have almost 5 years of experience under our belt serving as the bridge between amazing companies and superb talented professionals.  If you would like to know more about nearshoring to Mexico and how we can help you find qualified candidates, reduce turnover, cut costs, and scale your team. Contact us at info@nstalentsolutions.com, it would be our pleasure to discuss it further.