Understanding Nearshoring: What Is It and How Can It Help Your Business?

Have you ever stopped to really take in how much globalization has changed the entire human experience? 

Not too long ago, your education, career, business opportunities, musical taste and even romantic prospects were bound by geographic limitations. Essentially your pool of options was your hometown and immediate surroundings. This is no longer the case. 

In business, this phenomenon has opened many doors for organizations to grow, cut costs and provide better products or services to a greater audience. A perfect example is the variety of options companies now have at their reach to transfer segments of their operation to other companies and/or countries and in this blog entry we will discuss two in particular: 

  1. Nearshoring 
  1. Offshoring 
NS Talent Solutions – Nearshoring to Mexico

Nearshoring is when an organization makes the decision to move a certain part of their workload to a nearby country as opposed to Offshoring, which involves making the same move but to a country that is further away geographically (usually in a whole other continent). The main reason behind the decision to adopt one of these business models tends to be tied to the search of better cost-effective options

So why do we at NS Talent Solutions focus our process on nearshoring?  We genuinely believe it is the best option for companies to scale their team.

When you choose nearshoring

  1. Your team is closer. It is easier and cheaper to visit them for training and other purposes. 
  1. You will either share a time zone or will have a very similar one. This opens the door to a better interaction, more control and reduces the risk of significant lags in communication.  
  1. You can tap into a whole new pool of qualified candidates. We at NS Talent Solutions provide highly talented and educated professionals who have bachelor’s degrees in a variety of fields and who are eager to work and be part of your team. 

These are just a few reasons why we are passionate about nearshoring. If you would like to know more about nearshoring and how we can help you find qualified candidates, reduce turnover, cut costs, and scale your team. Contact us at info@nstalentsolutions.com , it would be our pleasure to discuss it further.