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About NS Talent Solutions

Our mission at NS Talent Solutions is to provide cost-saving staffing solutions with authenticity and transparency. Our expertise in logistics gives us a keen eye for the types of employees who would be the best fit for your satellite office team. We pride ourselves on the supportive work environment we continue to cultivate for staff, which also ensures workforce stability and productivity for our customers. Our partnerships are grounded in integrity and driven by a passion for teamwork and open communication.

Why Outsourcing Could Be Right For You

  • Affordability
    Fill positions with cost-effective talent.
  • Scalability
    Grow your team at your pace
  • Quality
    We’ll provide top skilled talent based on your needs
  • Availability
    Our qualified talent pool is trained and ready to work.
  • Productivity
    Our hardworking talent produces every step of the way

What Our Customers Are Saying


I have worked with NS Talent Solutions for over 3 years and have hired many employees through them. The employees are an extension of my business, and their longevity has been paramount to my company’s success. I highly recommend NS Talent Solutions to anyone looking for a cost-saving staffing solution.

Sean S.

I hired NS Talent Solutions to help with dispatching, but they quickly exceeded my expectations with their superior service. I have added many team members to help grow my business in other areas.

Talbir D.

The turnaround time from initial contact to my first hire with NS Talent Solutions took only 3 days. The NS Talent Solutions team communicated every step of the way and made the hiring process extremely easy. I now have 4 employees hired through NS Talent Solutions. These employees are extremely efficient, hardworking, and have become part of our work family!

Tyler J.

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